Rita O'Hara

Gallery III

The Paintings have been named using lines from Emily Dickinson's poems.

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"Soul wilt thou toss again?"

gouache on board 26" x 20"


"A soul admitted to itself--Finite infinity"

gouache on board 40" x 25.5"


" What we see we know somewhat Be it but a little"

gouache on board & Watercolor 34" x 21"


" Some things that fly there be"

gouache on board & Watercolor 15" x 17"


"Past midnight, past the morning star" II

gouache on board 41" x 32"


"Between my finite eyes-"

gouache on paper 38" x 22"


"Hope is the thing with feathers"

gouache on paper 39" x 22"


"How general a Grace

Allotted two-"

gouache on board 30" x 24"

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